1. Introduction


pgRouting adds routing functionality to PostGIS. This introductory workshop will show you how. Providing practical examples using OpenStreetMap road network data. Covering from how to prepare the data, make routing queries, write a custom ‘plpgsql’ functions up to draw your route in a web-mapping application. In other words, integrating pgRouting with other FOSS4G tools.

Navigation for road networks requires complex routing algorithms that support turn restrictions and even time-dependent attributes. pgRouting is an extendible open-source library that provides a variety of tools for shortest path search as extension of PostgreSQL and PostGIS.

The workshop will focus on shortest path search with pgRouting in real road networks. It will cover the following topics:

  • Installing pgRouting,
  • Creating a routing topology,
  • Using pgRouting algorithms,
  • Importing OpenStreetMap road network data,
  • Writing advanced queries,
  • Writing a custom PostgreSQL stored procedure in ‘plpgsql’,
  • Building a simple browser application,
  • Building a basic map interface with OpenLayers 3.


  • Workshop level: intermediate.
  • Attendee’s previous knowledge: SQL (PostgreSQL, PostGIS), Javascript, HTML.
  • Equipments: This workshop uses OSGeo Live (Version 10.0)

Presenters and Authors

  • Daniel Kastl is founder and CEO of Georepublic and works in Germany and Japan. He is moderating and promoting the pgRouting community and development since the beginning of the project, and he’s an active OSM contributor in Japan.
  • Vicky Vergara works at Georepublic and works in Mexico. She’s a core developer of pgRouting project, and one of the main contributors of pgRouting.
  • Frédéric Junod works at the Swiss office of Camptocamp for about six years. He’s an active developer of many open source GIS projects from the browser (GeoExt, OpenLayers) to the server world (MapFish, Shapely, TileCache).
  • Éric Lemoine previously worked at the French office of Camptocamp. He’s a core developer and PSC member of the OpenLayers project, and one of the main contributors to OpenLayers 3.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


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